Auction Services

Auction Services

Real Estate Auctions

Consist of raw land, houses, condos, townhouses, commercial buildings and industrial buildings. Vacant lots and raw land are considered real estate and can be sold at an auction.

Are you looking for a reliable company to sell your real estate, estate, or business liquidation? Progressive Auction Company is licensed, insured and has over 44 years of experience in the auction business.

  • Did you realize that by selling your real estate by auction there is no commission paid by the seller.
  • Did you realize that most properties are sold with reserve.
  • Did you realize that we bring cash buyers to the sale.
  • Did you realize that the buyer is required to put a 10% deposit the day of sale and must close within 30 days of the auction. All sales are final.
  • Did you realize that you will be selling your property where is , how is condition. This alone saves the sellers a lot of money.
  • Did you realize that we advertise your property more than most other real estate companies. We also advertise to the general public not just to the local MLS.

Contact us and let’s get together and move your property in a timely manner and allow you to save up to 12% out of pocket expenses. There is no charge for an evaluation of your property.

The auction method has proven over and over to save the property owner money and close on the property in a timely manner.

Not all properties qualify but you will never know if your property does if you don’t ask. We have prevented and even stopped the foreclosure process on some properties by using the short sale method. We have people calling often looking for properties.
Even if your not in the market to sell please share this message.

Estate Auctions

Consist of personal and/or real estate property that needs to be disposed of. Both types of auctions require an executive or power of attorney for the estate.Progressive Auction Company is a Estate Sale specialist. We have been conducting estate auctions and estate sales for over 44 years.

We do not cherry pick a few items and leave the rest for you to dispose of. We taken on the whole estate. We are a personal property appraiser as well so we can guide you in the process of selling your estate. It is best to sell your estate on location so buyers realize that the items come from that location but we also offer pickup and selling your estate from another location. Either way the sellers will be given a list of the items to be sold prior to the sale. The sellers are given another list of the items that sold and what they sold for as well as the items that did not sell. We have avenues to liquidate the items that did not sell as well. The sellers are given options but regardless the items are removed from the sale location so you will be able to move on.

Contact us for more details and schedule an appointment for us to review and assist you in a time of need.
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Business Liquidation Auctions

A business owner decides to close his or her business or reduces inventory and equipment.

Progressive Auction Company is also a commercial liquidation specialist. We work to bring in buyers from all over to compete in buying your merchandise at good prices. Remember, we hold an appraisers qualification to help with the sale. We sale out complete operations as well as by the piece. We have sold many businesses. We can put a proposal and advertisement together that will promote the best sale.

Please share this message with others even if you are not in the position to sell at this time.

Charity Auctions

Are for non-profit organizations or a group that wishes to donate money for the cause by several means.

Progressive Auction Co. works closely with non-profit organizations with designing, setting up, and working,an auction to raise monies for their cause. We have trained staff to assist you starting at the planning stages and working right through the whole process. We will assist you in getting the items for sale as well as customers for the auction. Normally there is a dinner involved with a silent auction and live auction for the event but that can be changed to include what meets your requirements and desires. Benefit events are normally well attended if advertised well in advance and pre ticketed. We will help you target your advertisement and announcements to bring in the attendance needed to create a successful event.

If your only needing an auctioneer to call the bids for your event we are available as well.


Appraisals are a very important item that is needed settle business breakups, settle estates, IRS, and bankrupt situations. They are also used to have a evaluation of your personal property for insurance purposes. The appraisal is done on the determined need you have at the time of request. Each item is pictured, cataloged and investigated to the best of our ability to determine the current best value possible. The appraisal is based on the best information available from many sources to determine its’ value. Several factors are used in this determination and a lot of research is required. Once the appraisal has been completed the report will be presented to the party that requested the appraisal along with pictures of the items and where we obtained our information from. Our reports meet all requirements of the appraisal. Our professional designation was received through the National Auctioneers Association.

Are an expert estimate of the value of personal property.