Estate Consultant


We have added a new division to our company to assist you in determining what to do with your estate.

1. We can meet with the family and provide sound advise on how to handle the estate.

2. We can assist you in determining what may sell and what will not.

3. We advise on what needs to be absent from the home or business prior to any type of liquidation procedure.

4. We have a qualified personal property appraiser on staff.

5. We are a full-service estate and auction company with over 46 years of experience of handling all types of estates, business
closures, business liquidations, and even real estate. We conduct estate sales, live and online auctions and are licensed and insured.

6. We even have a division that handles downsizing, moving and cleanouts. We even work with moving companies and or shipping companies to get your items sent to your new location.

Call our representatives at either 757-478-9630 or 540-760-8955. We will be glad to set up and appointment with you to assist in any way we can.